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  • Main Characteristics of Aluminum
    Main Characteristics of Aluminum
    The main characteristics of aluminum:①Aluminum is a silver light metal with a density of about 2.72 g/cm3, which is about 1/3 of pure copper.②The calorific capacity of aluminum and its Latent heat of melting is high. The melting point of pure aluminum is about 661 ℃,
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  • Aluminum Coil Series-5000 Series
    Aluminum Coil Series-5000 Series
    Stands series: 5052.5005.5083.5A05. 5000 series aluminum plate belongs to the more commonly used alloy aluminum plate series.
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  • Aluminum Coil Series-4000 Series
    Aluminum Coil Series-4000 Series
    The 4000 series aluminum plate belongs to the series with higher silicon content, which usually between 4.5-6.0%.Represented by: 4A01Application: construction materials, mechanical parts, forging materials, welding materials.Features: Low melting point, good corrosion resistance
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  • Aluminum Coil Series-3000 Series
    Aluminum Coil Series-3000 Series
    This series is mainly represented by the 3003 3003 3A21.3000 series aluminum plate can also be called anti-rust aluminum plate.
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  • Aluminum Coil Series-2000 Series
    Aluminum Coil Series-2000 Series
    The feature of 2A16 (LY16) 2A06 (LY6) 2000 series aluminum plate is high hardness, which is the highest content of copper, about 3-5%.
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  • Aluminum Coil Series-1000 Series
    Aluminum Coil Series-1000 Series
    Aluminum Coil Series1000 series 1000 series aluminum coil is also known as pure aluminum, which aluminum content is the most of all the series. Purity can reach more than 99.00%.
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