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Deep Blue


1.Our company has two aluminum coil roller-coating lines,with advanced facility and current international technology. and the annual output is up to one hundred thousand tons. 

2. Pre-coated products gauge:Thickness 0.15mm-0.7mm:Width:980mm-1300mm

3. SMMT's Polyester coating aluminum coil---After coated and dried few times, the polyester coating which is continuous solid-state thin film firmly adhered on plate surface, and it is anti-UV coating with protection decoration characteristic. Using high-molecular polymer with ester bond in the main chain as the monomer. adding in amino-alkyd and UV absorber. the polyester resin has matte series and gloss series. It can make aluminum coil products rich colors, with strong smooth-ness and glossiness. In addition, it has excellent texture and hand feeling. and also it strengthens three-dimensional layered sense. Polyester confers a protective effect such as weathering the ul- traviolet radiation, wind, rain,frost and snow freeze.

4. Substrate and Paint: Using high quality aluminum alloy materials and high performance polyester.

5.Quality control standard: Our company follows ASTM standard and is certified by ISO9001 international quality system.

6.Service:Professional technical,after-sales service team pre-sales consulting and affer-sales tracing ensure that the customers can enjoy the fair transaction, precise direction and satisfactory feedback.

7.Weather Resistance:Baking finish pattern by roller-coating and high temperature baking has the characteristics of keeping the hi-light glossiness, good color stability. and small chromatic variation.Polyester paint offers 10 years quality guarantee.

Environmental friendliness: resistance salt and alkali and corrosion resistance, no corrosion The product will not   
produce mold and release toxic gases, and will not cause the keel and firm-ware to rust.Fire resistance.  

Decoration: Therearewood-grain, mar-bling coatings with vivid natural beauty. The pat-terns are designed for free and offer extensive personalization for customers,which enrich the humane connotation and more enjoyment of beauty.  

8. Application  

Pre-Coated products with embossment are wide range application filed. in the areas of roofing construction materials etc.  

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