Polyester coating aluminum coil --- After coated and dried few times, the polyester coating which is continuous solid-state thin film firmly adhered on plate surface, and it is anti-UV coating with protection decoration characteristic.  Using high-molecular polymer with ester bond in the main chain as the monomer, adding in amino-alkyd and UV absorber, the polyester resin has matte series and gloss series.It can make aluminum coil products rich colors, with strong smoothness and glossiness. In addition, it has excellent texture and hand feeling, and also it strengthens three-dimensional layered sense. Polyester confers a protective effect, such as weathering the ultraviolet radiation, wind, rain, frost and snow freeze.

     Pre-coated products gauge:  Thickness 0.15mm —0.7mm; Width: 980mm—1300mm.

     Weather Resistance:  Baking finish pattern by roller-coating and high temperature baking has the characteristics of  keeping the hi-light glossiness, good color stability, and small chromatic variation.

Polyester paint offers 10 years quality guarantee.

   Environmental friendliness:  Resistance salt and alkali and corrosion resistance, no corrosion. The product will not produce mold and release toxic gases, and will not cause the keel and firmware to rust.Fire resistance.

   Decoration: There are wood-grain, marbling coatings with vivid natural beauty. The patterns are designed for free and offer extensive personalization for customers, which enrich the humane connotation and more enjoyment of beauty.


   Pre-Coated products with embossment are wide range application filed, in the areas of roofing construction materials etc.