High performance Ag mirror product B98

SMMT’s high performance Ag mirror product “B98” is specially designed to have an optimized reflection for the visible light (VIS) spectra with top values higher than 98%.

The high reflectance is achieved with the classic substrate/Ag/SiO2/TiO2 structure wherein the substructure SiO2/TiO2 perform as reflectance enhancement and protective layers. Thin adhesive promoting layers need typically to be applied between the metal substrate and the Ag layer and between the Ag layer and the SiO2 layer to overcome a low adhesion of pure Ag to many oxides.


Our B98 Ag mirror product has up to 98% stable reflectance not only on the whole visible light but also on the infrared wavelength range, it can keep a minimization of loss from the light source to get the light reflected and focused accurately, to meet a goal of energy saving (red line is the spectra curve of our B98 Al mirror product; blue line is the standard illuminant D65 for human eye sensitivity; orange line is the solar spectral irradiance strength).
Except the feature of high reflectance, our B98 Ag mirror product also has many advantages, such as good adhesion, corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, damp and hot resistance and UV resistance etc.