keep the original metals finish appearance while applying a variety of different colors. PVD coatings feature very thin films with thicknesses in a range few hundreds of nanometers. PVD coated products further do not require wet/chemical baths such as used in electro plating or anodizing.Thus PVD coatings help to save natural resources while the process is environmental friendly.
SMMT coating process advantage:
Our key process is rotatable magnetron co-sputtering, single element materials, alloys and new engineered compounds can be sputtered. Comparing with the typical arc evaporation processes which are used in furnace or batch coatings, it has several features, such as longer lifetime sputter source, high flexibility, good process controllability etc.
  1. We provide large area decorative coatings with a width of 900mm to 1250mm and thickness of 0.2mm to 0.7mm.
  2. Possible stainless steel alloys for decorative products can be: 201, 304, 316, 430 etc. Possible surface finishes are: 2B, 2J, 2K, 2R, BA etc.
  3. PVD coating can get an excellent color uniformity across the maximum width, the color is continuously monitored by inline spectrometers on 3 different positions.
  4. PVD coating color range (based on CIELab color space):
    L* 40 … 60
    a* -10 … +20 (at L* values > 60 and < 40, the color range is reduced)
    b* -20 … +30 (at L* values > 60 and < 40, the color range is reduced)
  5. PVD coating performance:
   a. Cross hatch adhesion test  no failure (ISO 2409:2013 class 0).
   b. 500h NSS test  no obvious corrosion signs and rusty stains,    ΔE* ≤ 1.5.
   c. 500h oven test (180℃)  no visible color change, ΔE* ≤ 1.5.
   d. 500h climate chamber test (45℃, 95%r.H.)  no visible color change, ΔE* ≤ 1.5.